February 2018 MINUTES

Village of Rosholt Minutes

Regular Board Meeting

Monday February 12, 2018

7:00 p.m. @ Village Hall (101 S Main St) 



Call to order: by President Robert Kurszewski

Pledge of Allegiance:

Roll Call: Robert Kurszewski, Travis Firkus, Richard Mansavage, Craig Anderson, and Mike Garski

Also Present: Phyllis Landowski, Norma Anderson, Anne Abbott, Ray Rieser, Kevin Hagen, Cliff Shierk, Todd Wierzba, Chris Martin, Arnie Kaminski, Jessie Anderson, Jim Zdroik, Rich Kruzicki, Dennis Kurszewski, Lisa Kielblock, Larry Oathout and Michelle Simonis.



Motion:    Anderson/Garski to approve the minutes distributed at the meeting, but not read aloud. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.


Community Use Room Remodel &Library agreement amendment update: The Rosholt Clinic was not present to provide the donation amount, but the board discussed items disclosed in a memorandum from the Portage County Executive.

Motion: Firkus/Anderson to release control of the community use room to the Portage County Library. Portage County will be responsible for the utility bills, but replacement of the HVAC units will remain at a cost share as the Village paying 75% and the County paying 25% of the replacement costs. Action on the remodel is postponed until we receive the donation from the Rosholt Area Clinic. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried. 

Neighbor to Neighbor Groundwater presentation:

Anne Abbott and Ray Rieser gave a presentation on the status of area groundwater. They asked the board to consider adopting a Resolution in support of a conceptual ordinance they present to the County that offers ideas on how to remedy some of the problems regarding groundwater contamination. No Action. 

Purchase Fire Tanker Truck: The Rosholt Fire District has listed their tanker at an online auction site with the minimum bid starting at $5,000.00.

Motion: Firkus/Anderson to stop consideration of purchasing the tanker truck. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.


AECOM Task 15 Change order: Based on the dam renovation design, the Dept. of Natural Resources (DNR) mandates a revised Dam Failure Analysis Report. AECOM presented a change order to Task #15 in the amount of $5,000.00 to perform the analysis.

In order to expedite the project, AECOM has already completed the analysis.

Motion: Kurszewski/Mansavage to approve the change order to Task # 15 in the amount of $5,000.00. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.

Scope of Services Agreement AECOM: AECOM presented Task #16 which is the Construction Engineering agreement, in the amount of $99,820.00.

Motion: Mansavage/Garski to approve the Construction Engineering agreement Task #16, from AECOM, in the amount of $99,820.00. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.

Remove Trees at Fair Park: Last month, the museum curator asked the Village to remove one tree for the purpose of constructing a replica of the old jail house. Two of the Village board members viewed the site and determined a total of 6 trees should be removed in order to maintain the integrity of other buildings in that area. The Fair board was present as the lease agreement calls for shared forestry management. They plan to take action on the matter at their meeting later this evening, but the general consensus is they are not in favor of removing the additional 5 trees in that area. There are other areas of the park that have hazardous trees they intend to remove, and they suggest we invite the County forester to provide unbiased advice. In 2012 the University of WI students provided a forestry plan for the Park.

The board addressed the subject later in the evening and cost proposals, to remove 4 trees, were submitted as follows:

John Mieska-$1,700.00

Affordable Tree Service-$2,000.00.

Motion: Firkus/Anderson to accept the quote and authorize John Mieska to remove 4 trees by using the Park supplies budget to pay for the costs. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.

**Anderson will try to recruit someone who can “fell” the remaining two trees.

Approve Operator’s (Bartender) Licenses: An application for Matthew Bess was presented.

Motion: Garski/Mansavage to approve the license as presented. Roll call vote, all in favor, none opposed, motion carried. 

Loan Options: A request for proposal has been distributed to several lending institutions. Investor’s Community Bank already responded to indicate they would consider a lending option only if the Village named them as a deposit partner as well. The general consensus is to deny a partnership with Investor’s Community Bank.

The State Trust fund loan program with the Board of Commissions of Public Lands was introduced. Interest proceeds from this program are used to fund Public School libraries. Last year, Rosholt School District received $17,797.00 from this program.

CWEC reviewed our options with the USDA programs. The dam renovation does not qualify for either of the programs they offer. (Community Development Block Grant & Community Facilities).

Motion: Kurszewski/Anderson to postpone action on lending, until we receive correspondence from the lending institutions. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.


 2017 Village Budget Review: The 2017 year end budget was reviewed and the budget summary indicates an overage of $4,431.71.

Motion: Anderson/Mansavage to transfer $4,431.71 from the 2017 Budget to the general savings account as undesignated funds. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.


Notice of meetings and educational opportunities: Dam Renovation-Contractors Pre Bid meeting conducted by AECOM on Friday, February 16th.

Payment of Bills:

Motion: to forego the reading of the bills and approve payment with an amendment to CWEC to continue a monthly payment in the amount of $2776.71 instead of remitting an annual payment in the amount of $30,543.81. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.

Adjournment at 9:30 p.m.

Motion:  Anderson/Garski to adjourn. All in favor, none opposed, motion carried.

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