The local area Fire District consist of The Village of Rosholt, The Town of Alban and The Town of Sharon.

Fire District Board Members
Greg Michelkamp-Fire Chief
John Kieliszewski - Town of Alban (Board Chair) & (RFD Board President)
Robert Kurszewski-Village of Rosholt (President)
  Jeffery Check - Town of Sharon (Board Chair)
Clarke Blumke - Member at Large
Mike Schuster - Rosholt Firefighters Association (President)

Mary Schuster - Secretary/Treasurer 715-677-3583

The Rosholt Fire District is accepting Memorandums for a Member at Large
to serve on their board.
~Request a Memorandum form by contacting:
 the Fire District OR Village of Rosholt ( 715-677-4510)

Sample questions:
Why did you decide to apply for the board position?
What do you feel is the biggest challenge facing the fire department in the next two years?
What services do you feel the fire department should provide to the communities in the next two years?

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